What Makes Me Rural?

What Makes Me Rural?

Geographically, that is pretty easy. We live on a farm, the nearest town has two red lights and I see just as many ATV's and buggy's traversing my road as I do cars. But rural is more than where you live, its how you were raised and how you chose to live your life.

Personally, I was born and raised rural. My grandfather has a farm and my parents always had us outside. We raised American Quarter Horses, bison, long horn steers, whitetail deer, elk, pheasants, peacock, Bob White quail, rabbits, turkey and probably a few other furry creatures, along with the standard dogs and barn cats. You see, my Pap loved the west but my Grandma had no interest in moving there, so he the basically brought the west to us.

Presently, I still live on a farm, about twenty minutes from the one I grew up on. We make hay... a lot of hay for just a two person operation but I don't mind it one bit. I also keep three horses. Cisco is 26 and happily retired, Paisley and Timber are my mounts for barrel racing and pole bending. They are pretty cool if you ask me, I am grateful for all of them.

So aside from the fact I have a cowgirl boot collection that rivals Dolly Parton, this is just a small glimpse of what makes me rural.

Also, shout out to my extremely talented friend, Chelsea Lynn Photography for this photo!


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