Everything Started as Nothing

Everything Started as Nothing

"Everything started as nothing," - Sarah Kelsey

Welcome to Rural Queen Company! I am Chelsea, the unofficial Rural Queen! I started this company after a seven year stint in corporate America. I spent over six years at a job I first loved, and grew to hate. I then moved to an awesome women owned company where I rediscovered my enjoyment at work. As you all know 2020 had been a unique year, and due to the unsure economy my position was eliminated in the spring. It was a hard pill to swallow, I truly loved my job, my coworkers were hard workers and the owner was passionate and wanted everyone - clients, employees and the company to succeed.

But such is life, I shifted my focus to our farm and working the upcoming hay season. If you've never tedded hay before, I'd like to tell you, you have a lot of time to think. So ponder, think, wonder, plan, set goals, dream...that is what I did and the idea for Rural Queen was born. I look forward to continuing this journey and introducing to you things that make the rural life the best life!




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