Dinner Over an Open Fire

Dinner Over an Open Fire

One of my favorite things about summer and fall has a taste, and that taste is pizza mountain pies! If you have never had a mountain pie over a camp fire, you are missing out and I invite you to try one! They are easy to make, easy to clean up and your ingredients are only limited by your imagination (or what the local grocer has in stock!).

Let's start with the basics, first you'll need a mountain pie iron. There are several brands out there, but we prefer American made and there is only one brand that is made here in the USA, that is the Palmer Iron. You can grab yours here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GSQXW3R?ref=myi_title_dp

Next you need ingredients. Today I'll let you know what you need for pizza mountain pies, but keep an eye out for a future VLOG for more recipes! You need:

- Non-stick cooking spray

- Butter (I prefer spray butter)

- Loaf of bread (we like white bread)

- Pizza sauce (LOVE the squeeze pizza sauce)

- Shredded cheese

- Your favorite pizza toppings, personally I like hot peppers that we can at home

Build a fire (somewhere safe, like a backyard fire pit). Open up your Palmer iron, spray with the non-stick cooking spray. Use two slices of bread, butter one side, set the buttered side down on the iron. Add your sauce, cheese and toppings to one slice of bread, close the iron so the top slice covers the ingredient filled slice. Use the latch at the bottom of the handle to secure your sandwich. Place the iron over the coals. Rotate after about two minutes (cooking time depends on how hot your fire is, you need to check your sandwich to ensure you don't burn it). After another two minutes remove the iron from the fire and check the Mountain Pie, once the bread is toasted to your liking, carefully dump the Mountain Pie onto a plate (do not use Styrofoam, they will melt).

Lastly, ENJOY! Take caution, they will be hot! I like to cut mine in half and wait a few minutes before I chow down.

*Your first Mountain Pie will take the longest to cook since the iron is still cool, if you make more you'll notice they cook faster once the iron is warm.

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