Single or Double Shot?

Single or Double Shot?

Luckily we offer both! Introducing the Corral Caddy Single Shot and Corral Caddy Double Shot! Both of these are awesome accessory hooks that hold a ton of items and can be used in endless places!

First, the Single Shot. The Single Shot holds one beverage, your sunglasses, your cell phone, a 5/8" inch hole where you can hook various items and a place to hang your rope, hat or other accessories. It also features a bottle opener! The Single Shot will hang just about anywhere you need from a stall door, fence, your pick up truck and more.

The Double Shot has all the great features of the Single Shot, but can hold two beverages. It is super handy! We especially like that it will hook in the truck bed and keeps track of our things while we're working.

All of the Corral Caddy products are Made in the USA and we are proud to carry them! We know you'll find many uses for them!

Grab your Single Shot:

Grab your Double Shot:

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